How to best contact the CISM program.

The best way to contact CISM is by calling our 24 hour on call phone number  0427 181 207. If it goes to message bank, someone will return your call within the hour.

If you need to send us correspondence, our email address is:

If you email information to us, please call our 24 hour number as well to let us know that you have made a notification as it could be a weekend, we could be on road or at at conference etc. and emails may not be checked as regularly. 

If you know a CISM peer in your workplace, you can talk with them with the assurance that it will remain totally confidential.

If you have any concerns for a colleague or you feel that you are struggling yourself, do not hesitate in calling CISM. Our peers can talk you through your feelings, thoughts and reactions or if necessary they will organise for you to see one of our psychologists. It's a free service and 100% confidential. No one will know that you have been contacted by one of our CISM team members.

Our on line management system and emails have the same security provider and security encryption as The White House in America and the Australian Prime Minister's office.


 Our 24 hour contact phone number 0427 181 207 

 or email to