Self Help

What can I do to help myself ?

  • Rest if fatigued.
  • Have contact with family and friends.
  • Try not to fight recurring thoughts, dreams and flashbacks.
  • Accept that you are reacting normally.
  • Arrange your day to include time alone, or in the company of someone that can relate to you.
  • Maintain your usual schedule/routine as much as possible.
  • Eat balanced meals regularly. Eating a little often may help.
  • Do some physical exercise particularly in the first few days ( check with your GP first if you have difficulty exercising ).
  • Express your feelings as they arise.
  • Talk to people who care about you.
  • Avoid excessive use of alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine and other drugs.
  • Talk to a CISM team member in your workplace.
  • Call our 24 hour number and talk to a CISM team member if your feelings are intense or are prolonged. They might suggest you speak with one of the team psychologists.

When to seek professional help ?

  • If you feel you cannot handle the intense feelings or physical sensations.
  • If after a period of time you continue to feel numb and empty and are concerned about these feelings.
  • If you continue to have nightmares or poor sleep.
  • If you have no person or group with whom to share your emotions and feel the need to do so.
  • If your relationships seems to be suffering because of any of these symptoms.
  • If you smoke, drink or take drugs to excess since the event.
  • If your work performance suffers.
  • If you are suffering from "burn-out".