Tasmanian Emergency Services CISM Program

The Tasmanian Emergency Services Critical Incident Stress Management Program was established in 1988 and is responsible for managing the impact of critical incidents on the emergency service personnel (career and volunteer).

The program follows an internationally respected model of intervention and provides a unique peer support service based on a co-operative approach between management of the services, unions, and members of the emergency services themselves.

The program consists of around 70 peers (career emergency services personnel) and 6 psychologists, a manager and a clinical consultant. The cornerstone to the success of the program is confidentiality. Anything you discuss with program members regarding your reactions to an incident remains strictly confidential.

The program members train regularly throughout the year to review best practice, keep abreast of new research and continually improve their skills.

'Assisting people with normal reactions to abnormal events.'

Services Provided

  • Education and Information Sessions
  • Assessment
  • On Scene Support
  • Defusing
  • Group Debriefing
  • Individual Debriefing
  • Follow-up Assistance
  • Advice to Partners, Family and Friends